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Free to choose! The Kika-Style was founded in 1998. Beauty salon, aesthetic clinic is a partner of Balmain Hair Couture, Oribe, Biologique Rechereche, Forlle’d, Is Clinical, L`oreal Pro, La Biosthetique, Margy`s. The only premium beauty salon in Kyiv with a 25-year history. Member of Haute Coiffure Française, awarded the Order of Queen Anne «Honor of the Fatherland»

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Beauty salon Kika-Style

The Kika-Style brand was founded in 1998. Is a partner of Balmain Hair Couture, Oribe, Biologique Rechereche, Forlle’d, Is Clinical, L`oreal Pro, La Biosthetique, Margy`s and other premium brands. The only premium beauty salon in Kyiv with a history of over 20 years. Our specialists follow the social trend — «to be better» and the basic desire — to «be liked». Each client has his very own personal feeling. We are all different. Appearance is a reaction to reality. What does a person want to express with their appearance in a given season or timelessly. Look well-groomed, fashionable, young, stylish, beautiful — the result of the daily work of the masters of Kika-Style.

They offer basic options on which they add what the client feels like at the moment, according to the principle of minimum sufficiency. Our specialists make different proposals at different times. Customer relationships last for years. The master connects, discusses with the client, gives a result that meets the needs. All this affects a person.

Achievements confirm the high level of the beauty salon. Kika-Style salon is twice included in the international rating «The Best Salons in the World». Each specialist has a personal history of professional growth, rich in awards and titles.

Beauty salon services

To quickly update the image, hair color, haircuts, manicure, pedicure, makeup, eyelash lifting, cosmetologist treatments are chosen to change it. Also services with a prolonged effect — eyelash lamination, eyelash, eyebrow, hair extension, lip augmentation. For long-term changes — microblading, micropigmentation, tattoo removal. Also skin rejuvenation, body shaping, injections, Ulthera Smas Lifting Therapy, HydraFacial peeling, cleansing, rejuvenation, skin treatment, oxygen mesotherapy OxyJet Leo de Luxe, fractional rejuvenation — microneedle RF therapy Vivace, oxygen-ozone barophoresis.

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Also, procedures using Endospheres therapy, Icoon, LPG, Starvac massage devices.

Wide Choice

Customers celebrate the variety of exclusive brands and services. If there is a beauty problem, there are options for solving it. Our creative directors analyze trends every day, cosmetologists test the latest developments and new cosmetic products. International accreditation, medical protocol, license of the Ministry of Health confirm the safety of the service.

If any new fashionable technology has the potential to harm health, it is not introduced into services, despite its popularity.

Appreciate an appointment

You can make an appointment, consult, get information about services by calling us. Notification reminder about your upcoming appointments will be sent via SMS. Also, daily posts on social networks with the work of our masters will help you make a decision. Come for a consultation, talk to one or more specialists and make your choice. Visit a beauty salon located nearby. If you want to sign up for a complex of procedures, you can organize several services at the same time in one day. Traditionally, after the first visit, the guest is provided with a complimentary service. A personal consultation of the director with the selection of masters is available. It can be requested by email: info.kikastyle@gmail.com

Beauty Salon Gift Certificate

The card is an elite gift. It can be bought in the salon or with a delivery: +380674098872 , +380960977711


Brand success lies in people united by common values. Awards >

The status of hairdressers is confirmed by the academies Sassoon, Toni & Guy, Alexander de Paris. Kika-style is a member of the private French club Haute Coiffure Francaise. Member of the international professional club Intercoiffure Mondial. Named among the 37 best salons in the world (Estetica Design Award 2007, 2009). Laureate of the Chevalerie awards 2010 (Paris). Scissors AWARD 2012. The International Visionary Award 2012 (London). Stella International Beauty Awards 2017-2019. International Beauty Stylist Awards 2017, Paris. #One Shot Hair Awards 2018 (USA). Participant of reality shows, TV projects: «Turn My Beauty», Model XL, «X-Factor», «Bachelor», «Voice», «Dancing with Stars», etc.

Luxury beauty salon Kika-Style for сelebrity

Where are the beauty salons located > Kyiv: Center, Pechersk, Stolichnoe highway. Please provide more details to make your visit a pleasant experience; also age, temperament, gender of a master you would prefer. Coming to services is an opportunity to reboot everyday life, to get more energy. You don’t have to be perfect every day like celebrities, but professionals can help you with it!

Many image characteristics are non-verbal. External changes give confidence, and confidence — calmness. You don’t have to do too much. Focus on what makes you better. We are ready to help you rebuild your personal style within the framework of what you like, without imposing templates. Thinking is the main competence of our masters, since the right decisions change not only appearance, but also mood.

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Anything you love to do in the beauty studio will relieve stress. VIP is the «VIP» experience of services. The hair is saturated with serums and color. Hands and feet are thoroughly cleaned. You will not have time to get tired since the manicure and pedicure are done at the same time. A cosmetologist will massage your face using expensive products with a subtle luxury scent. After a machine massage, the body will get rid of toxins, regain lightness, and rest.


Do wrinkles and sagging skin spoil your mood? Perhaps you need anti-wrinkle relaxants, beauty injections, hyaluronic threads, SMAS Lifting. Don’t tune in to pain. With our doctor Vitaliy Kovalenko, the client feels safe, because this man is «obsessed» with healthy rejuvenation! If you like detailed explanations, mesotherapist Alena Mayboroda will tell you about each procedure and possible alternative methods.

Discount and reviews

A loyalty card will allow you to accumulate a discount, receive information about new services, promotions, events. Cleanliness, neatness, beautiful interior awaits you. The design of a beauty parlor is an additional reason to receive aesthetic pleasure. Working with expensive cosmetics is the main thing that experienced masters pay attention to. Because a service with high-quality cosmetics is a pleasure for both the specialist and the client.


You should be alerted by the low price. Today, there is a large selection of cosmetics and equipment on the market that can only look good, but be of inadequate quality, be unsafe, and because if these reasons have a favorable price. At the same time, the prices in Kika-Style are not higher than in similar salons in Kyiv and Europe. Our salon offers luxury cosmetics; equipment of European, American and Japanese production.

The involvement in the training of our specialists is directly related to the lack of staff turnover. At Kika-Style, career growth is a measure of success. Top-level specialists are creative directors and technologists of representative offices of prestigious professional brands. They regularly study and train abroad. If the new master is not in tune with corporate values, we are not afraid of parting, as we are ready to meet someone who shares our brand’s philosophy.

How was Kika-Style created?

The first beauty salon was opened in 1998. The team has masters who have been working in the salon for over 20 years! The creator of the brand, stylist Ruslana Moroz, graduated from the London Sassoon Academy, believes that despite the achievements and awards, it is very important to recruit young, talented artists to the team. In search of impeccable quality, Ruslana visited London. This marked the beginning of the tradition of learning British haircut techniques from academics Sassoon, Toni & Guy, Saco. The second, no less significant tradition is to study colorimetry (the science of creating color). Hair coloring techniques, hair color corrections are obtained from the best colorists in France. Since first attending a show for a private French hairstyling club in 2002, Kika-style has definitely fallen in love with French hair coloring techniques.

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Brand philosophy

There is no need to discipline a stellar team. All are united by a common idea. Those in love with the profession of a master have the opportunity to give clients what they want. In order not to spoil the quality of services, Kika-Style does not sell a franchise, does not seek to become a network. Premium salons are open in places where our regular customers live, relax and work. We will not provide false information, sometimes mistakes are possible. We work with desires that may not be understood. The risk of making a mistake is minimal, but sometimes it happens. An unsatisfied client is not left without attention. He is immediately offered a service with another master. Positive experiences in order to build long-term relationships are important.

Kika-style — beauty salon was established in Kyiv in 1998 with a guest to create a range of superlative services for the hair, skin and body! tel.:

Our fundamental is putting people first.

Making ordinary — extraordinary. Making normal — special!

Do beauty services individually, all your needs in one place at the same time!

— If you would like a FREE web con­sul­ta­tion then please email info.kikastyle@gmail.com — Busy lifestyle? We wii do everything super fast in one go!

Kyiv (center), Ukraine Beauty Salons

29A, Knyaziv Ostrosky (ex-Moskovska) street

18, Antonovicha (Gorky) Street

30b, Lesia Ukrainka Blvd

Street Bolsunovsky, 2

101, Stolichne Shose

Kika-style beauty salons create special offers for our guests. Gift vouchers, the new technology of style, beauty and rejuvenation. Discount on partners programs: Quintessentially Ukraine, Chamber Leisure Club (ACC Ukraine).
Haircut, hair color, manicure, pedicure, massage, eyelash & tint, skin rejuvenation facial, etc.
PRICES >> We accept credit card for payment.
Ranked as the best beauty parlour in Ukraine and very popular among celebrities. The Kika-style beauty pro salons provides luxury hair styling services in Kyiv. Individual nail and SPA rooms are available for those who want the absolute crème de la crème of comfort. Beauty salons also have a dermalogica skincare so you can get a facial and anti-age (mesotherapy, OxyJet Leo de Luxe etc.), the sculpture of the body (еndermologie — LPG massage, a cellulite treatment). Stylists offer a range of styling options from highlights to cuts using organic products. With individuality the key to their philosophy, the team prides themselves on listening, understanding and advising clients on their hair style and care. If you’ve got extra time, take advantage of the makeup services. Hair salons offer unique hair cuts, perms, colors, highlights and a large variety of hair treatments and all the products used are from Japan, Italy, France, Switzerland, UK:

Balmain hair couture, L’Oreal Professionnel, Davines, Oribe,, La Biostetique, Organic Color Systems, Kérastase, O`Rising; Forlle`d, Is Clinical, EviDenS, Faith, Biologique Recherche Ericson Laboratoire, Guinot, Swiss Perfection, and others.

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